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Wedding at the stable venue

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Looking for some yummy dessert for your wedding why not try Coffee Concepts ice-cream bar. We had the honour offering our service at this couples wedding with our tasty, creamy...

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Fortress Reit Shareholders meeting

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For the 3rd time in a row Fortress Reit has used Coffee Concepts to serve guests coffee at their events/meeting.

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Discovery Network Session

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Clients at Discovery were provided with some Segafredo Coffee to get their Network Session started. For those with the sweet tooth syrups were added to make the Coffee even more...

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Vodacom Super Hero Sunday Vodacom media & family suite hospitality

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Catering for adults and kids Vodacom provided guest with some coffee  which is the perfect warmer for this cold weather.

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New Media Strat session

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New Media Strat session offered their employees a refreshing way to start their day by providing their employees with some Coffee and Muffins.

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Merge Conference

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Merge ( a tech conference that honours and helps level up the local community which leads to open doors all over the world).

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Birthday function

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Birthday celebration were in order and what better way to start celebrating a birthday then a coffee bar done by Coffee Concepts 

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Fortress Riet - health day - health smoothies and coffee bar

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Coffee Concepts did their second event for Fortress Riet for their health day.  The day consisted of delicious healthy smoothies and  Segafredo coffee.

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Frozen yoghurt

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In this heat what can be more refreshing then cooling down with some nice frozen yoghurt 

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Fortress Reit Ltd

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Fortress Riet Ltd has used Coffee Concepts  twice for their coffee demand at their function.

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