Fortress Reit - Mobile Coffee Bar

Most days, there is little that can be done to cheer up a cloudy Tuesday morning as you walk into the office ready for a long day of presentations, talks and the usual business deals! Unless, of course, you walk in and see our ‘Speciality Coffee” Mobile Bar! Day made! At least that was the reaction we got from all of our guests. The property giant Fortess Reit LTD spent a day hosting their various partners and associates at their offices in the lovely leafy Morningside suburb. Such important events require equal level of delicious treats to keep the minds sharp and focused! Our premium café service ensured that all the guests were looked after from creamy hot chocolates to dark deep espresso’s for the serious connoisseur. With a few home made Italian biscotti’s served along side our delicious coffees, why cant every day at the office be like this!