Gelato bar

About our Gelato, Ice Cream Bar:


CoffeeConcepts is a mobile ice-cream/waffle/frozen yoghurt and milkshake bar in Johannesburg that offers delicious and unique ice-cream treats for parties and events. Our core service offering consists of a mobile bar stocked with a variety of Italian ice-cream.


Uniquely, customers are able to create an ice-cream suited to their particular preferences, as they can select any type of ice-cream flavour, toppings and sauces they want. 


There are many different ice-cream options and a variety of different toppings options. 

Some of our popular flavours:


  • Vanilla

  • Stracciatella

  • Dark Fondant chocolate

  • Cookies

  • Strawberry cheesecake

  • Wild Strawberry 

  • Lemon sorbet

  • Coconut

  • Tennis Biscuit

  • Fruits of the forest 

  • Coffee

  • Gianduia (Nutella)

  • Amor ( wafer, hazelnut and choc)

  • Nougat

  • Pistachio

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